Brian Mulligan is back with a new band and a new album. Brian’s band is The Lonesome Angels and his album is “The Old Family Farm”. The album brings songs of tribute to the likes of singer/songwriter Gram Parsons and astronaut John Glenn as well as songs of struggle and sadness of the Vietnam war and civil war. The albums themes also include celebration, overcoming adversity and standing up for what you believe. In this day and age, when so much music out there is so predictable the Lonesome Angels’ music is influenced by the history of this great nation in which we live. you will hear some foot stomping songs of joy and yes you’ll hear songs of sadness. This is how Brian Mulligan and The Lonesome Angels roll. Look for the record in the summer of 2016.

          The history of the band goes back many years.  Brian Mulligan and Larry Compa were original members way back in the late seventies.  Brian and Larry continued to play together for many years under the name Blue Mountain.  Brian, along with Rob Beckman, Beth Carr, Adam Comardo and Eriks Zurovskis gave birth to the new Lonesome Angels back in 2010.  In 2012 Brian, along with Eriks on drums, hooked up with Bill Blanchard on guitar, and H Wesley Perkins on bass to form the present day Lonesome Angels.

    Brian recently added a wonderful addition, Laurie Leenhouts on fiddle. Laurie’s roots are in Celtic Music. The band likes to cover songs from the great bands of the 1970’s; The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, and Neil Young, to name a few.  The music of The Lonesome Angels is like an electronic magazine. You will hear original songs about politics, the environment, the history of our nation, all under the guise of folk music, country music, bluegrass and Rock n Roll.